Debating an NSA apologist on the eve of a Senate victory

On Tuesday, May 19, I was invited to join a panel on The Heat including my colleague Julian Sanchez from the Cato Institute and Fred Fleitz, a former CIA employee and Senior Vice President at the Center for Security Policy. Our discussion spanned two segments (both posted below after the jump).

Days later, popular constitutionalists scored a major victory when the Senate failed to extend section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, allowing its scheduled expiration under a previous act of Congress. It’s the first time a controversial surveillance authority has ended since unconstitutional mass surveillance was first illegally imposed in secret over a decade ago, and offers me particular cause for celebration as I’ll be wrapping up my time leading the Bill of Rights Defense Committee next week. 

While I felt great about this segment, I was disappointed that the show is broadcast primarily in Asia, only because government officials and apologists for national security corruption are so rarely willing to debate me on camera for American audiences. Then again, I received supportive emails from expats now living in Asia who saw the interview, so it didn’t fall entirely on uninterested ears. 

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