Defending net neutrality

My latest writing for EFF is an exhortation to activism to defend net neutrality, the principle that ensures any user or startup access to the global Internet on the same terms as corporate behemoths. As I write in Net Neutrality Needs You as Much as You Need It:

“With the future of the Internet, its capacity to continue fostering innovation, and freedom of expression online hanging in the balance, EFF encourages Internet users to speak out–both online and in the streets–to defend net neutrality.”

I also had a chance to speak at a pair of rallies for net neutrality, one when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai visited San Francisco in September (at 30:30):

WATCH LIVE as internet rights organizers protest to demand real net neutrality outside FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s San Francisco event.

Posted by CREDO Mobile on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

…and another at a Verizon store on December 7.

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