Fighting corruption in the surveillance state

I’ve had a chance to publicly critique the intelligence establishment several times this month. After being quoted by the Guardian as describing the proposed USA Freedom Act as “yesterday’s news,” I had a chance to visit Thom Hartmann several times on The Big Picture. Here’s our on April 28 interview:

That visit was followed by a series of return appearances on The Big Picture.

On April 22, Thom & I discussed stingray devices developed by the CIA and now used by local police departments and sherrif’s offices to spy on your & your neighbors without a warrant.

On April 28, we discussed the Baltimore uprising following the police murder of Freddie Gray, as well as the impending congressional debate over mass surveillance.

On May 8, we discussed the mass surveillance debate in greater depth.

Finally, on May 12, Thom invited me onto his radio program to discuss more about the congressional debate over unconstitutional mass surveillance.

I also visited a few other broadcast programs. On April 27, I spoke on the Peter Collins Show about the impending expiration of some provisions of the PATRIOT Act, as well as my recent arrest for asking questions about corruption.

On May 8, I appeared for a brief interview on Uprising with Sonali Kolhatkur about the mass spying debate.

Finally, on May 11, I appeared on Counterpoint, a syndicated radio program, to explain and discuss a major appeals court ruling holding that mass surveillance under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act is illegal and unauthorized by Congress.

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