Grooving across the United States

Moving back to San Francisco this month took me two weeks and all the way across the country. In addition to several stops along the way (read on), one of my highlights was visiting my hometown — St. Louis, MO, where I had a chance to play my first hometown DJ & MC set at Upstairs Lounge in Tower Grove for Victor Levy’s going away party.

From DC, we drove and stayed a night in Berkeley Springs, WV before stopping in Dayton, OH. We ended up in Chicago, IL that night, and after continuing to St. Louis, staying there for a few days with family. From St. Louis, we continued west to a National Park in Topeka, KS at the site of the school whose segregation prompted the Supreme Court’s historic decision in Brown vs. Board of Ed in 1954. Two days later, I was hiking above the tree line in Rocky Mountain National Park outside Boulder, CO, learning about the origins of glaciers, and spotting elk in alpine meadows through binoculars. 

I’m not sure when I’ll next drive across the country, but having the chance to do so over two weeks was a joy, as was the chance to play a show in St. Louis for the first time in over 20 years!

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