Kickstart a new song about government spying

I launched a Kickstarter project to record my next song: an electro-house dance track with lyrics about NSA and FBI spying. If you either (a) like to dance, or (b) appreciate privacy, please back the project and also share the link. I hope to perform “NSA vs. USA” live somewhere near you soon!

C-SPAN broadcast┬áme spitting the first two verses, accompanied by drummer Kristen Arant, on stage at the Stop Watching Us rally in Washington, DC that I helped organize through my work as a public interest advocate leading the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Cable TV host Abby Martin invited us to perform on her show, “Breaking the Set,” the following week:

[UPDATE: The campaign closed on February 6 after being successfully funded by 170 backers at 116% of our project goal. Many thanks to everyone who kicked in to enable my next music video! More soon….]

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