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Media appearances

Most of my written commentary, analysis, broadcast and print media appearances, and legal articles are collected here. My most recent press appearances, as well as my latest writing, are collected on my blog, or click any of the particular media formats below for highlights.

In addition to my commentary, I appear from time to time in various print and broadcast outlets and also write legal scholarship. Much of my recent coverage is available in the Bill of Rights Defense Committee's press archive.

As an organizer, my work tends to focus on civil liberties and rule of law issues impacted by the War on Terror, including:

  • executive aggrandizement and secrecy
  • torture and executive accountability for human rights violations
  • domestic surveillanceand dragnet spying
  • "preventive" (read: arbitrary and unchecked) detention without trial
  • arbitrary profiling according to race, religion, national origin, ideology, or point of view
  • US foreign policy
  • US domestic policy 

My academic agenda--which I've more or less set aside until we hurdle our civilization's contemporary constitutional crisis--focuses on measures to achieve equal opportunity by extending market principles to eliminate legal subsidies that entrench existing power structures in violation of antitrust principles, such as:

  • wealthy families for whom inheritance exempts future generations from economic competition
  • established industrial powers that abuse the rules of a discriminatory international trading system, and
  • dominant political parties that contrive electoral rules and divide geographic territory in order to entrench their positions and insulate a corporate political duopoly from popular accountability.

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