In the wind (October 2013)

My time
as me
every instant
to be more

Late December 2013 radio interviews

I had a series of radio interviews in late December on various facets of the NSA spying controversy.

Dueling judicial rulings on NSA Spying, and why they don’t matter

I published an article this morning about a pair of recent "Dueling judicial rulings on NSA spying, and why they don't matter" on the People's Blog for the Constitution and FireDogLake, as well as Huffington Post

Sitting (February 2009)

Moments grasped
with longing
outstretched fingers
from the blur 

in all directions 
of a life lived fully 

Beyond the NSA: other agencies spy on you, too

Today, Truthout published my writing about domestic surveillance by agencies beyond the NSA, focusing on the FBI. The People's Blog for the Constitution posted an extended version with links to further background, and a second part in the series explores other agencies beyond even the NSA and FBI.

Tailwind (January 1998)

My feet, it appears, can step nowhere wrong.
Something is guiding my actions.
Floating on destiny’s tide, I ride,
driven by winds I can’t feel or hear.

Fate pulls my strings like a wry puppeteer,
making me dance a cute jig.
The marionette must convey what I feel,
for whatever I, the puppet, desire,

appears on the stage,
a wonder itself.

All things come to those who wait,
or those who see fit to give in,
letting What lies without lie within,
putting the strings in Its hands.

Discovering My Id (August 2001)

Somewhere deep inside
the enigmatic depths
of the feeble human mind
in which our selves are hidden

is a Mollusk
a slitherous
cute little cuddly thing
that lays at the root
of our personalities

It watches, and learns
It’s skittish, elusive

completely obscured
from our conscious attention
a symbiotic parasite
intertwined with our souls

Constitutional Catastrophe: The NDAA vs. the Bill of Rights

The summer 2012 edition of the Public Interest Law Reporter includes an article (at page 242, or page 77 of this PDF) drawn from my keynote at the Loyola University School of Law symposium I addressed that spring.

Democracy (September 2001)

[I wrote this poem 3 days after the 9-11 attacks that have come to define my life since.]

It will never again
be the way it once was,
back before
the bad things started to happen,

relative innocents
dying en masse
no one currently
understanding the cause.

In Vietnam our people
died in great numbers
thrown into the swirling
razor blades of a fan

blood and gore spilled
by the strokes of pens held
in the rich, fat fingers
of well-to-do white men,

1968 in 2013

Today, I completed 1968 in 2013, a 2-part series published on October 25 and November 2.


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