Indifference (August 2013)

The Universe gave me a mirror
through which to see the dark side of myself:
My seeming indifference towards others with whom I connect
Deep love for the One that is all things together

A poem for Sondra (May 2005)

A Firecracker of a human being
threatening to knock out
the lights 
with her hips 
every time she crosses a room
A one-woman laugh machine
processing grist
from cruel, painful, unfair losses
to bake loaves of light-hearted giggling
and wisdom to vault misfortune

Slip, sliding away (February 2004)

My hair 

Beyond walls (May 2005)

Is a university
of life
in which there is no degree 
inexplicable to one 
who is not explored it 

Me in jewelry (September 2008)

I lost a bracelet Rachel gave me
A day after I got it
It was a perfect
of me.

The agents are coming (April 2009)

Revere rode through the streets
to raise alarm
at threats to our liberty
far less severe than these
The crisis does not lie off in the future,

Beyond the Maryland Shore (October 2010)

we are
all water
our way
down a slope
winding through

Nihilism (March 2000)

The air hangs thick
like mucous
stuck in my throat

Bottles rattle
blown down the street
chased by newspapers

children cigarette
butts and the last
dying hopes

of a species bent
on its own

Tragedies of Blessings (December 1997)

What was always good
enough for everyone,
ever since the beginning,
can’t now be enough
to make me content.

An inmate, released,
with a job and good friends,
has more reasons to smile
than he’s ever wished for.

Aborigines gifted
with the magic of trains,
or the wonderful aid of antibiotics,
praise creation as I never could.

My hands have never harvested grain.
The skin is smooth, and supple, and soft,
but leaves me thinking that farming is hell.


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