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DJ set at "Kickin' Off," a new monthly event at Bossa in DC


Shahid Buttar at “Kickin’ Off” at Bossa in DC (11.20.2014) by Shahid Buttar on Mixcloud

I recorded this funky, techy, intermittently Latin and conscious deep house set in DC, at the inaugural "Kickin’ Off" party at Bossa in Adams-Morgan on Thursday, November 20, 2014.

This mix starts out with a Latin groove, moves into a funky phase, shifts through a tech house interlude, and then dips into some soulful house with conscious lyrics before riffing back through tech, funk, and Latin house and ending on an uplifting vibe.

This set was not only the longest mix I’d recorded to this point, but was also my first peak hour set at a public event. Coming on the heels of DC's referendum to “legalize it,” several tracks celebrating “La Yerba Buena” make this perhaps my most thematically congruent set in terms of its social (if not musical) relevance. Finally, it gave me a chance to reprise a bunch of tracks I’d included in a mix the month before that I disappointingly lost to a hard drive crash. Enjoy!


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