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A "Superhero Supermix" for the DC Bike Party Superhero Sprint

Tonight, the DC Bike Party hosted a Superhero Sprint, and played a DJ mix I recorded specifically for the event on a mobile sound system pedaled through the city by a longtime friend (of 15 years!) who build it. Read on (after the jump) for an explanation of how this mix aims to depict a universal hero myth elucidated by renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell.

An electro-swing, space disco, dark, goofy, deep house "Superhero Supermix" for the DC Bike Party Superhero Sprint (05.13.15) by Shahid Buttar on Mixcloud

The mix includes electro-swing, space disco, trippy EDM and deep house, depicting the narrative arc of a superhero epic, informed by Joseph Campbell's elucidation of the universal hero myth. It starts out jovial, with electro-swing recalling the proto-hero's state of ignorant bliss enabling a thirst for adventure (until 7:00), before calling our heroes from their mundane lives into realms of supernatural wonder & discovery with some trippy space house (until 38:00). The mix then slides into dramatic, darker, then eery & sinister tracks (until 1:14:00) to convey the urgency & danger pervading a hero's quest. A melancholic denouement precedes some goofy tracks insinuating a suitably spectacular party after defeating the latest diabolical plot concocted by the CIA to destroy the world and/or enslave humanity. 


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