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Catharsis: like nothing I've seen before

While recently visiting the West Bank for an annual olive harvest festival with Code Pink and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, I learned about Catharsis, an unprecedented event I described on the Burning Man blog as:

Equal parts vigil, symposium, occupation, fire conclave, effigy burn, and party-until-dawn-under-the-stars...combin[ing] playa culture, strategic location, and an explicit sociopolitical message resonating across the ideological spectrum. From Friday evening until Sunday morning, the event brought together thousands of participants from across the country to combine ecstatic celebration with activism, peer-to-peer learning, and private diplomacy to help heal from the Drug War.

My DJ set from Saturday night, just before the effigy burn, was among my most exciting highlights of the year. It's not often one gets to rock the spot across the street from the White House, mixing deep house and MLK Jr. samples for a few thousand of my favorite people!


A downtempo, then dreamy, tribal, funky, and conscious deep house mix recorded live at Catharsis on the National Mall in Washington, DC (11.21.2015) by Shahid Buttar on Mixcloud


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