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Teaching (spring 1997)

I wield the sword of an infinite future
to slay the demons of all our past failures.

Since time began, we have poisoned ourselves,
each generation feeding the next
more and more hemlock to drink;
more and more evil to think;
and more and more shit,
through which we must fight.

None of us here can combat this condition.
It’s scope is beyond our control.

There are others who’ll join us,
if not now, then after
our ashes are mixed with the dust
of the playgrounds on which they’ll grow up.

They can be left, to find their own way
to cure the poisons they will have to imbibe,
or they can have me, and all that I know,
to use in their own, private fight.

My time here will end very soon,
as will their’s, once it finally starts.
In leaving my tools for them to pick up,
I invest in them all of my efforts,

and hope that they will learn for themselves
how to be better than I.


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