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Please help us (late 90s)

The world is awash with pain and grief.
Children born to us here become warped.
Living in the shadow mankind has cast,
we twist like plants, striving for sun.

Each man walks in the midst of sleep,
trying to find his answers,
only to hear, once he awakes,
that his yearning is unimportant.

That which holds true meaning here
are the things which make us evil.
The gifts of life, the beauty in people,
are lost like smoke from a fire.

All the good spirals away,
reaching for the space and hopefully, freedom
that mercifully – please – come after death.
Why do people always grow old?

So that once they find the answers they need,
their influence, the help they could give to us all,
is stolen, leaving us lonely.
Leave us those who can teach us wisdom.

Deliver us, please, from the hate all around us,
destroy the despair in which we seem to be drowning,
take away the pain of this mortal existence
which we find so dreadfully frightening.

Or, without a solution so simple,
give us places, people, or thoughts
which can be, to each of us, home:
a haven from pain and sadness,

a place to go to be good.
Give us ways to preserve what’s bright,
in the face of anger and spite.
Help us to know and do what’s right,

when all that we see is so wrong.


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