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A fractal’s edge (February 1998)

The edge of the world
can be seen from the beach.
Not far, past the line which keeps
the sea and sky from each other,
but here, where water laps at the sand,
taking it back to the endless expanse
of primordial waves, borne from afar.

Chaos beckons from a close finger’s reach,
ready to lay to waste all
of the things of which one could conceive,
were one given the chance to conceive,
instead of just shifting around
the things of which mankind’s so fond:
power, substance, emotion and learning.

These all thrive in the sand’s protection,
annihilation held at bay,
constantly washing at a smooth, wet surface,
carrying miniscule pieces
of our fragile, precarious, dubious reality
off to its nether world home.


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