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Guerrilla Poetry ad (2004)

There is a raging battle being waged
for the hearts and minds of those who’d be enslaved
by knaves still stealing money, power and safety from babies
who will have to live in a world of insecurity.

Not enough liberty to go around.
Not enough food to feed the whole town.
Not enough trees to be found in the woods,
and even though today, the enemies wear no hoods,
they’d do the same things to you if they could.

In that battle for hearts and minds,
artists of all kinds, including those who rhyme
are cannon.  Artillery
and if we stand a chance for revolution

if you have any hope of seeing a solution
we’ve got to make poetry more than just amusin’,
and get that shit in the street:
off the stage, out of the coffee shop,

completing the loop by which we’re otherwise duped:
TV insanity, indoctrination. 
We fight the structure by building a people’s culture. 
Alternatives to mass media,
with content perspective, instead of what they’ve been feedin’ ya,

if you spit progressive political themes in lyrics
we can hold the world’s seams together in spirit.
Fill it up, please: your inspiration, your dreams,
and either get on our’s, or start you own guerrilla team.


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