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The agents are coming (April 2009)

Revere rode through the streets
to raise alarm
at threats to our liberty
far less severe than these
The crisis does not lie off in the future,
nor from any foreign power.
Our republic withers under an assault from within,
our leaders betraying their oaths of allegiance
to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that defend us.
This is no time for blind fealty to personalities
or fixation on sports or fashion.
"The agents are coming,"
and do not follow
our laws.
This is a call
for all hands
on deck
all able minded people
are needed on the front.
We beseech you
to stand and defend
the Republic
until your throat grows hoarse
and your pen runs dry.
We did not win the Cold War
only to become East Germany.

Let not
freedom die
on your watch.

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