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L'esprit d'escaliers (July 2013)

On the stairs, it's 
What you think to say
After you already
Said something else

After your brain
Has a chance to recover
From the shock of the moment
The rush of the spotlight

Once your tongue gathers its wits
And joins you from the coil
In which it had wound itself
around your foot

It's the thinking
To thank your people
For having your back
And sharing their lives

In the midst of a quest
That would drive you off a bridge
Without the support and love
From so inspired a community

It's the realizing and sharing
All the ways in which I'm blessed
beyond measure or reason
Resources, training, abundant love,

Funky threads, sick parties,
mad rhythm, working limbs,
Sharp mind, silver tongue,
Magic hands, and an inner goofball

That I will not let the masters
beat into submission.
Keeping my vibe straight
Is all part of the resistance

And I manage
to do it only
because you
keep me standing.


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