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A poem for Sondra (May 2005)

A Firecracker of a human being
threatening to knock out
the lights 
with her hips 
every time she crosses a room
A one-woman laugh machine
processing grist
from cruel, painful, unfair losses
to bake loaves of light-hearted giggling
and wisdom to vault misfortune
the right or wrong comment will swell
her bright eyes even larger
a smile sweet enough to flavor coffee and cakes
gone in place of a stare
strong enough to bore through rock
Her head can waggle
as if on a spring
long arms and legs constantly convulse 
sinew shifting like wild beast 
trapped between her and her skin
words fly from her mouth
like cracks from a whip
her will manifested in language
daredevil escapades escape adventure
massage her chiseled face into a grin

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