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Late December 2013 radio interviews

I had a series of radio interviews in late December on various facets of the NSA spying controversy. Between a favorable court ruling, and surprisingly strong recommendations from the President's review board on global signals intelligence (to which I responded immediately after the president's announcement of the review board back in August), I had plenty of grist for my analytical mill:

  • On December 28, I spoke alongside former CIA analyst Ray McGovern (who you can see in action inCOINTELPRO 2.0, a video I helped produce back in 2011) in an interview by host Kevin Pina on Saturday Morning Talkies on KPFA (Pacifica-Berkeley).
  • On Christmas Eve, December 24, host Guillermo Jimenez interviewed me for a podcast on Boiling Frogs Post, also featured at Traces of Reality.
  • On December 23, I was interviewed by host Glen Ford on Black Agenda Report about domestic spying beyond the NSA, including postal surveillance by the US Postal Service. 
  • On December 20, correspondent Alice Ollstein recorded an interview for Free Speech Radio News about the president's review board and its recommendations.

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