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Speaking in Berkeley, CA about NSA spying

Tonight, I'll be on a panel at 7:30pm PST in Berkeley, CA, “NSA Surveillance and Our ‘Almost Orwellian’ State,” hosted by St. John’s Presbyterian Church and co-sponsored by half a dozen local groups. Details are posted on Facebook, where we currently 130 people have RSVPd. I'm especially excited by my fellow panelists with whom I'll be sharing a microphone, including:

  • Daniel Ellsberg, the iconic whistleblower and national hero described by President Nixon as "the most dangerous man in America," and co-founder of Freedom of Press Foundation
  • Norman Solomon, Journalist, media critic, anti-war activist, co-founder of, founding director of Institute for Public Accuracy, and author of War Made Easy
  • Cindy Cohn, Legal Director and General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Ms. Cohn serves as counsel in First Unitarian Church v. NSA and Jewel v. NSA, each seeking to stop the ongoing dragnet warrantless surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans

If you're unable to attend the event, you can still watch the livestream at

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