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Quoted in the Guardian, on cable TV, and on the mic with Davey D

Today, the Guardian -- the newspaper that first broke the Snowden revelations last year, shaming the American press after a decade of failing its constitutional responsibility -- quoted me in a story on NSA spying. Investigative reporter Spencer Ackerman wrote "Utah lawmaker floats bill to cut off NSA data centre's water supply," from which I excerpt below.

Later in the day, I appeared on Wilkow!, a cable talk program on the Blaze network founded by Glenn Beck.

Earlier, a few weeks ago, I was excited to respond to the President's State of the Union address on the Pacifica Radio network (starting at 1:20:30) alongside underground hip-hop icon Davey D.

Here's an excerpt from Spencer's Guardian article quoting me:
The National Security Agency, already under siege in Washington, faces a fresh attempt to curtail its activities from a Utah legislator who wants to cut off the surveillance agency’s water supply.
Marc Roberts, a first-term Republican lawmaker in the Beehive State, plans this week to begin a quixotic quest to check government surveillance starting at a local level. He will introduce a bill that would prevent anyone from supplying water to the $1bn-plus data center the NSA is constructing in his state at Bluffdale.
The bill is about telling the federal government “if you want to spy on the whole world and American citizens, great, but we’re not going to help you,” Roberts told the Guardian.


“Ultimately, all three branches of the federal government have grown complicit in a broad-scale assault on the fundamental rights of we, the American people, and the only place we have left to go are the states,” said Shahid Buttar, the executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, an activist group working with the Tenth Amendment Center as part of what they call the OffNow coalition.

In the NSA’s home state of Maryland, eight lawmakers are backing a bill to stymie the provision of water and electricity to the agency’s Fort Meade headquarters. A similar measure, based off an initiative Maherrey’s organization calls the 4th Amendment Protection Act, has been introduced in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Indiana, Mississippi, Washington state and Vermont.

“The provision of resources like water and electricity is a no-brainer in a state’s plenary authority,” said Buttar.
Four other states – Kansas, New Hampshire, Alaska and Missouri – are considering a related measure to prevent the sharing of NSA-derived data without a warrant.....

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