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Entropy (January 2014)

Entropy rises
he stalks each of us
in broad daylight
He rends and distorts
everything that he touches
and many things that he doesn't
His grip tightens
around the throat
of anyone who ignores him
or tries to build anything
Structures that have stood
for centuries have eroded
or else been destroyed
by some ignorant fool
Glaciers flowing
inches a year
for eons 
have evaporated
Oceans, one water,
defining our world
since its birth
have been poisoned
grandiose social principles,
teeter totter fall
They wax & wane
they progress and recede
on timescales 
to either we people
who see them in glimpses
or to the Earth facets
to which they are mere glimpses
Both equally powerless
to do more than observe

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