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A consensus among prophets (April 2013)

Love really can conquer all.
That's the only thing
the messengers
actually showed us
Underneath all
the cultural rubble we've heaped
onto their barely
vestigial legacies
Different points of reference
exploring a shared plane
riven by inequity
and arbitrary violence
by a universal constant
no less solid
than laws of thermodynamics.
In the face of whatever blight
might afflict whatever poor
unfortunate tired
and melancholy soul
the light can revive
what the world tries to uproot
the luminous bio-phosphorescent 
inner child 
the soul on one's sleeve
the fearless embrace
of long lost siblings
in every human encounter.
Love can conquer
power, people, politics
fear, phantoms, forces
of all kinds
even beyond the grief
we inflict and spread
in our sophisticated 

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