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Ferguson to Jerusalem

Ferguson to Jerusalem combines dark, driving tech house with conscious lyrics addressing the global policing crisis. Across the Earth, we the People face a common enemy: so-called "security" services that occupy neighborhoods and oppress communities in the name of keeping capital safe.


NSA vs. USA, was written to be a teaching tool as much as a dance track -- which is why the lyrics are annotated with links to background news articles, analysis, and research reports to help you learn more. Feel free to download the extended dance floor mix from Soundcloud, and to raise your voice with me.

Get Outta Your Chair

My debut CD, Get Outta Your Chair, was released in 2008 and includes socially conscious and personally reflective rhymes over funk, house, R&B, traditional hip-hop and soul tracks from several producers, including Thunderball, Starpeople and Bomani "D-Mite" Armah. It's available for $9.99 on CDBaby.

SHAHID BUTTAR: Get Outta Your Chair

Track 1 on Get Outta Your Chair is a funk tune, Bumpin in My SUV, that riffs on the role of consumerism and militarism in driving climate change:

If you've got any feedback on my music or writing to share, or if you'd like me to speak or perform at an event, please drop me a line....

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