Remembering a dear friend

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the loss of my friend, Jay Marx. Today, the Burning Man blog published a memorial I wrote to celebrate his life and activism. 

It’s worth a read when you have some time, and includes videos of Jay to preserve his legacy in his own voice. Here’s a teaser:

I’m hardly the only person to whom Jay Marx offered a memorable introduction to Washington, DC. Jay passed through this world entirely too briefly, but he touched a great many of us and presented a powerful example of how to apply the principles of conscious counterculture beyond building community to help refashion a new default world.

Here’s a little more excerpted from the full post

Jay and I first crossed paths in 2002. I’d finished an internship interview with a law firm office on K Street, and stumbled into a peace march that he had helped organize six months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. We went on to organize, perform, and party together in countless settings over the next 13 years before he passed away at Transformus in North Carolina this July.

There are no words that can ease the pain of losing a dear friend, let alone a hero who devoted himself to promoting positive values in the default world from which we all work so hard to periodically escape. For me, it has helped to remember that he went out on top, the happiest I’d ever seen him, in a place he adored, and alongside a partner he loved.

While our world is dimmer having lost the light of Jay’s profound love, we who were lucky enough to be blessed by it remember his memory and will honor it on the playa, in the streets, and beyond.

RIP, Jay Marx. We miss you, brother.

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