Spiritual Asteroid Field

One night back in 2010, I was working on music with my current housemate while visiting SF when a spontaneous attempt to circumvent a creative roadblock launched us raging into the street on an epic escapade. It ultimately entailed wrangling a pair of software engineers (who had long noticed each other but never hung out before) back to his home studio, where we wrote and recorded this track in a memorable fit of sustained delirium.

The lyrics riff on Star Wars, Burning Man, and the Mission district in San Francisco, which I’ve long considered my vibrational home. After we recorded the lyrics, the song gestated for five years until I moved back to SF and then, today, hatched as this:

I’m kinda amped about the name that Adam & I came up with to describe our collaboration: ┬íPuhJAMA! It stands for “the Jewish and Muslim Alliance,” inspired by a video we’d posted over the holidays of an ecumenical moonwalk home wielding a Christmas tree.

And, just to stick with the theme of ecumenical music, I spun this meandering two hour set for an activist awards ceremony at a Unitarian Universalist church near my office:


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