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Poetry videos

As a documentary performance poet, I try to bring something unique to the spoken word, beyond my writing. Here are some videos from various times and places:

Rhyming & DJing on the Meso Creso sound system at the 2016 PEX Summer Festival outside Philadelphia:

Wrapping up a Witness Against Torture protest in Washington, DC on the 13th anniversary of military detention at Guantanamo Bay in January 2015:

Rocking my rhyme "From Ferguson to Jerusalem" during a DJ set at the Meso Creso "Birds and the Bass Spring Fling" in underground DC in April 2015:

Following up Gov. Gary Johnson and warming up for NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake before thousands of concerned allies challenging NSA spying on Capitol Hill in October 2013: 

Speaking truth to power at the FBI headquarters to honor its most famous victim, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in January 2011:

Addressing a group in one of Berkeley law professor / international human rights abuser John Yoo's classrooms in October 2010:

Thinking big picture in DuPont Circle in February 2010:

Rhyming about domestic surveillance at a rally in Harvard Square in June 2009:

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