Spreading love & consciousness at TransFOAMation in Black Rock City

I recorded this live DJ & MC set on a Saturday afternoon at TransFOAMation in Black Rock City (the site of Burning Man) just a few hours before the Man burned in 2017. I had the honor of opening for Steve Raskin from Fort Knox Five for the second year in a row, and was blessed to share microphones with our camp mayor & resident hype man, A.B. This set was unforgettable to me not only because the crowd was among the largest I’ve ever played, but also by virtue of its ecstatic energy, remarkable diversity, and (audible) receptivity to consciousness on the mic.

My rhymes addressed police violence (at 8:00), global resistance to our kleptocratic President and climate justice (48:20), and opportunities to build our own culture (9:55, and again by request at 1:17:05), and inspire & care for each other (1:06:45). I riffed on gratitude & memory (at 15:15), how solidarity relates to peace, love, unity & respect (at 1:29:15), and my own thanks to the crowd (when wrapping up at 1:32:00).

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